PEX – Project Partner FBC Holdings Limited

PEX – Project Partner FBC Holdings Limited

The Executive Director of Group Retail Banking & e-Commerce at FBC Bank speaks to the African edition of Business Chief magazine.

Although it celebrated its 20th-anniversary last year, FBC bank is a financial institution that has its feet firmly placed in the future.

The Zimbabwean bank is harnessing cutting-edge technologies, collaborating with fintechs and shifting from brick-and-mortar branches to online services.

In doing so, it is astutely positioning itself as a market leader in digital service and e-commerce and as inward investment into the country grows, it seems FBC is set to play a key role in its future.

“This change in the market presented us an opportunity to become an innovative and dynamic financial sector player,” says Agrippa Mugwagwa.

“We are moving slowly away from the brick-and-mortar model because of the change in the demographic, whereby millennials or digital natives are becoming the dominant consumer of financial services.”

You can read the full feature on FBC Bank in the latest issue of Gigabit and Business Chief magazine.